Informations about company

KLIMA CELJE is a leading company in the industry of fan and industrial ventilation devices in Slovenia. In the period of 100 years since its incorporation, the Company has gained extensive experience in application and manufacturing of air-conditioning systems. After the declaration of Slovenia’s independence, the Company has successfully entered the competitive western markets, which are presently the destination for as much as 70% of its export.

In Klima Celje we are aware that clean, fresh air is an essential part in quality of life, as well as an element of business success. We therefore know, that constant investment in our engineers and their education, supported by the latest information technology, is the right way to achieve the set objectives. Our hallmark is constant and intensive investment in R&D, and accordance to the EU guidelines for development of systems for rational energy consumption and environment friendly technologies.

A wide assortment of air-conditioning devices of Klima Celje has been developed and constantly improved for over a century. During this period, we have acquired specialized skills and experience, which have been confirmed by our international references.
The array of our knowledge comprises the whole: ingeneering, designing, equipment manufacturing, installation and startup of devices, measurements and surveys, all required documentation and after-sales service.

All of the stated activities are carried out by a group of a 120 people. The team of experts is qualified to meet virtually any demand, ranged from providing super-clean air in surgery halls to the extraction of high-temperature aggressive gasses in metallurgic industry.

Standards and Certificates
ISO 9001 – it has been proven that our quality management system is based upon a process approach and customer satisfaction. We were audited by a certified institution SIQ.
We have been awarded a certificate by ATEX for the use of our centrifugal fans, axial flow fans, roof fans and heaters in potentially explosive atmospheres, in compliance with Directive 2014/34/EU.
We have also obtained a certificate for smoke and heat extraction devices, in compliance with EN 12101-3.